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16th ∙ November ∙ 2009

Hello readers,

This is another edition of the Curiousme world.

I love photos and capturing from different angles and spaces.  In particular film but this time round on a trip to Paris last year, I went with a small digital camera (my Cannon Powershot S70).  I went to restaurants, all the tourist sights and met many different people and got a taste of how it would be to live in Paris.  Recently I got a message from someone requesting one of my Paris photos to be put forward for a possible featured in the Schmap Guide ninth edition, of course I jumped up at the opportunity and found today a great email, telling me my photo of the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur has been selected and is now featured!
This great news makes me feels great and realise that there are such great opportunities out there even if you start off with the small ones the big ones are soon to follow.

To see the feature visit the Schmap Guide ninth edition here.

Featured photo: Basilica of Sacré-Coeur
as part of a series: Paris 2008

Paris Pinar Djemil

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