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So it is the end of the week and lots has happened! New Illustrations has been completed, Transport for the future has been discussed and a Live Studio session has been watched! Yes people Fashion Designer Gareth Pugh was LIVE Today at this very moment 11:00pm designing a dress for all us to watch and learn! There isn’t many times that you can say that you have watched a professional make a dress? It was so fascinating.

But then my internet cut out, it was my service it was my BT phone line. It went down and it went down hard! 3 days later I finally got it working with a BT engineering hanging off the phone line sorting it out for me.

Unfortunetly I missed the dress making but got to see pictures from the even posted up on Twitter.

Featured photo: Gareth Pugh (image taken by Show studio onTwitter)
Gareth Pugh Live From ShowStudio

Live Studio Gareth Pugh

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