Play with your food!

18th ∙ June ∙ 2010

Food Art!
an unusually thing but a thing that happens. a child playing with their food, a teenager becoming fussy in what they eat or even when your on a date and your pretty bored!
Everyone at one stage in their life has played with their food.

When I was young I loved mashed potato, I really did. When I came back from school I was ready to eat my mash potato and even got into making little models out of it! castles and faces and then adding food colourings! I now wish I took some photos.

and the reason for this post?
well… I am in the middle of a food course and one of the topics is Play With Your Food – which involve making something out of food. I think I know what i might just do mine on. But in the mean while here are some other yummies or not so yummies, to tickle you taste buds.

Featured photographs from Youth Are Awsome and Robot Nine

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