So the feedback was really good on the designs.

and what have we learnt today kids?
Well I have totally learnt that 2D is just as important as 3D and needs as much attention as 3D pieces.  When developing graphic for a product, branding or logo it really does work in stages similar to developing a 3D product.

1.  Brainstorming and gathering inspiration and specification for design
2.  Filtering through to begin initial stage 1 of design
3.  Developing designs further to initial design stage 2.
4.  To initial design stage 3 – narrowing down the designs for final design
5.  Final design produced

Please note these stages are just my opinion and could need developing and tweaking on.

Although I develop websites and produce illustrations, I always have had projects which start from scratch – taking the art direction where I felt was most suitable.  Producing ideas from existing products is something which is more complex than you would think.  It is all about the existing brand and the values which that brand is already associated with, then turning this around to create something which keeps within the brand but takes a different turn in style or present day audiences.

Really has got my mind bubbling with ideas and ways to gather inspiration.
Do you have stages which you follow when designing?

All comments and crits welcome.

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