Happy New Year

11th ∙ January ∙ 2010

Hello readers,

This is another edition of the Curiousme world.

Happy New year to you all! 2010 has come round and boy has it come round fast!

There are so many things I want to do and have plans for but first things fisrt, I have a pen to paper and every year I do the same thing, write my resolution so I can see myself write it and have it stored as a conscience so I dont make the same mistake twice and begin to have a fulfilling life making each year is better!

I can not believe it is 2010 or as we say twenty – ten! it is strange to think, ten years ago aged 16 I was in art class in college learning about perspecive drawing, designing and poster for 2010 the future. Flying cars, angled skyscrapers, strange clothing and smoke sceens were what was shown, it seems like a very long time ago and 2010 is something of the future. A far future that has come around so fast that it is now the present.

This makes me questions everything ~ the way we are living and the thoughts of the now future beyond 2010.
How far are we from flying cars and skyscrapers?
Does movies like Back to the Future and Transformers encourage us to think tecnology is so close to cracking these codes?

Back to the Future I was released 3rd July 1985 and goes back to the past by mistake to then have made his life better in the future, his life in 1985. Back to the Future II is what is really interesting, it focuses on the future of Marty Mcfly and his kids in the year 2015. Where there are flying cars, hova boards in replacement of scakeboards and where Nike sneakers and jakets resize themsleves with a computer chip and finally the Delorean becomes a flying car powered by trash.

2015 is closer then ever, can we ever meet these assuptions that were made in 1985?
In the last 10 years technology has moved mobile phones to touch screens, our laptops with a better system of longer lasting battery life and cars to electric cars. Sneakers and shoes are still the same with brightly coloured layers and clothing are fitted with sizes which still confuse us all as we walk into different shops.

In fact 2009 had moved fashion from couture fashion – Chanel black and suits to the way fashion used to be in the 80’s – big hair and brightlyly coloured clothing, shinny leggins and long t.shirts with big slogans. Fashion for 2010 is predicted to move along this course with bright colours, but maybe slicker designs, summer will be full of sufer looking clothing fit to wear in the work place and phones will continue to develop in shape and usuabillity, voice activating with computer finger tip and eye identification.

So when can we predic this future of flying cars and electronic fasthion?
Experiments has been seen by some artists and fashion designers on the run way, but they are experiments.
One thing I have learnt is the world moves together, Apple one of the big names on the market releases an ipod touch and iphone and world goes wow. Other phone companies follow. But as a consumer this to me seems like we are being eased into this new technology.

So what can we predic for 2015?
For me, the world will be working together to make a better future. The buzz will be ‘Eco friendly’ and keeping the world alive for us, our children and our childrens children.
This is what it is all about, Living better for a fuller life and creating new things to make a better life and world.

2010 is a year of new begins adventures and living life.

Have you made your resolutions this year?

Cheerful and jolly times to you all and happy New Year!

I hope you all have a fulfilling year of greatness and happiness,
peace, love and freedom


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