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It has been busy busy busy on this side of London. Working as a Freelance Designer in London really has opened my eyes to so many different industries and the insider knowledge.

For quite a few years now I have had the pleasure working with Artist and sculpture visionary Nick Turvey. Recently the creation of two pieces had come about and installation day had never gone so well. With drawing, creating, modelling, trucking and a few tweaks the pieces are sitting together and complementing each other like they are two peas in a pod.

They are held at the Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenade 2010 and on display until 25th October 2010. So if you’re ever in Cambridge and want a sight for your eyes they are all there standing tall on the front grounds.


More images to be featured on on my website soon.

Featured photograph of Sculptures Venus and Chief: by Pinar Djemil
Sculpture visions produced by: Nick Turvey
Featured leaflet image from: The Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenade 2010

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