A Very Happy New Year to you

4th ∙ January ∙ 2011

Welcome 2011!
Happy New Year to one and all.

I hope you all had a marvellous and exciting New Years!

I myself was busy bee-ing around London! but in between all the sales that caused havoc in London, I was making a secret Santa present, designing, visiting family and friends and after an amazing four roast dinners (2 turkey, 1 chicken and 1 duck) believe it or not I was visiting the real Santa Clause! Well not entirely true but near enough – a visit to the cinema to watch Rare Exports: A Christmas Talebut beware, it’s not for those of you that enjoy the good ol American Santa movies, and is one that should never be shown to kids.  It is based in Lapland the land of where Christmas comes from and reveals the real story of Santa Clause but I wont give away the ending.  To me the story told was amazing and the cinematography was truly eye opening.  I would see it again.

So I hope all is well and everyone is ready for a days work tomorrow!
I know I am nearly there!

Stay positive, be the best that you can be, best wishes and get ready for an amazing year!
Rock on!

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