Hand Made Christmas Card

28th ∙ December ∙ 2011

Hand made Christmas card.  When I thinks of hand made christmas cards, it reminds me of when I  worked at Heatherwick Studio. One of my first tasks was to produce the last christmas card from the studio. But not just any christmas card, it was the best advent christmas card to be made. A team of 15 people for production, an other two including me managing and a design by Thomas Heatherwick, magic had happened!

We produced 400 in total and boy was it a great challenge to begin with!

Ever since then I realised I absolutly love making and wanted to attempt to make my own this year.

Originally it was going to be a cut out piece to be hang on the tree, but ended up being a lino print on gold ink sprayed card with a few hand drawn elements.

Feedback already has been amazing and I must say this isn’t going to be the last christmas card I make. There are so many more techniques I want to try and experiment with. Next year who knows what the card will be!

Have you made any hand made cards before? Share your cards here.

Merry christmas everyone!






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