Lalala Human Steps – Amelia

9th ∙ November ∙ 2011

Today has been a great evening, filled with different languages, inspiring people, music and dance.  After talking and listen to different artist I came across a dance that was choreographed by Edouard Lock’s founder and director of the Canadian dance company Lalala Human Steps.

A film named Amelia released in 2003 had a scene to be remembered. I have never seen this film but this amazing choreographed dance has got me intrigued.

The dance is structured, solid yet flows like a lake, polite and beautiful all at the same time.   The dance builds and shadows and light are played with, it builds trust shows betrayal and leaves you with a feeling of strength.  The sculpted bodies form shapes that make me think of structures and the way things are put together.

If I ever go into a different profession it will be dance – although only in my dreams.

video from youtube

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