Midnight cut out

9th ∙ December ∙ 2011

Today was a great day of inspiration. Walking around london and getting that feeling of a new project lingering.

Central London is a total buzz at the moment, especially during this christmas month, the Thursday late night shoppers are about. Chilly winds and mittens are out, but cheerful faces are still about.

One of the last stores I went to was Magma, which is one of my most favorite book stores! Filled with so much talent I think I could live there and hope to create something just as amazing!

I been getting more and more into paper cutting. And found a great books on pieces that had been created. A quick ‘cha ching’ on the till and the book was mine!

The book is called Paper Cutting, I definitely recommend it!

On the way to meet my fiance for some food, I passed Jamie Oliver’s Recipease store and could resist getting a chocolate, rum and raisin Yo-Ho-Ho its almost like a log of christmas cake! I can’t wait to taste it!

A glass of wine with christmas spirit and a great meal later, I feel awake and ready to design.

So I’ll leave you with the words ‘the night is young’.

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