I’ve been into photography since around the age of 8. Sneaking out my parent Polaroid camera from the glass cabinate and hoping they wouldn’t notice, but I did get caught, but it was a good thing, I just had to ask to use the camera and put it back when I finished with it. I still have the Polaroids today and they are some of the best memories I can remember we had as a family.

Years after my parents advanced to 35mm film cameras, then to automatic cameras and soon enough I was able to buy my first camera. I couldn’t afford anything too advanced so I got a disposable camera. I have a lot of shots in the park with the sun glare, water puddles and ones of my family eating. I always liked to capture the real moments.

my next camera was something a bit different a Polaroid Land Camera! The film wasn’t as pricey as it is today but I used all my money on film and made an alphabetised box to keep all my captures in. From blue sky, family, rain, puddles, patterns, glare, I think I got quite particular about how I stored my photos and almost became a documentation of what my week or month was like.

I soon fell into a photography course during my Foundation Art and Design course and got a 35mm film K100 Centron manual camera. I still use it today and I still think it takes the best pictures!

But it was only a few months ago I really got back into photography. I have a secrete fascination with India, tribesmen, holy people and documentaries and got really excited when I came across this film called ~ Varanasi, India: “Beyond” by Cale Glendening, Joey L., Ryan McCarney.  The film itself is shot so beautifully, the colour, angle and telling the stories of the Sadu (Hindu wondering Monk), they explain how the world is illusion.

I do sometimes find myself in a daydream, I image what life would be like if there was no pressure. The pressure to earn money to pay for living, to pay for food, to pay to travel, to work harder to enjoy life itself, and I sometimes think how to eliminate these pressures. The best answer I can think of, is to keep working hard, to do something you love and to enjoy life as it comes.

With my Polaroid camera and K100 your not able to see what your taking until your film is developed and I love that surprise when the photos are developed, one shot, one moment, one experience. I’m now armed with a digital camera and I still have this habit of getting that one shot, first time. Lets see what this next year brings, I’m super inspired!

Thank you Cale Glendening, Joey L. and Ryan McCarney.

Created by: Cale Glendening, Joey L., Ryan McCarney
Directed by: Cale Glendening
Photograph: Joey L.

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