A Two day event down at Hackney Downs Studios and we’re still excited! We were at A Most Curious Wedding Fair, and what a fair it was!
We had exhibited the year before and absolutely loved it!  Not only were we with an amazing bunch of talent but we met so many amazing couples with beautiful wedding plans!
I can’t wait to get started on some of the pieces that are coming up! Admittedly they are mostly in 2015 and 2016 but this just means CuriousMe Design is keeping busy and creating some pretty awesome stuff!

We had so much fun I wanted to do a little blog post this year of some of the lovelies I met at the fair! I actually got to meet the one and only Annable from Love My Dress – a brilliant wedding blogger! Annable’s blog is filled with some pretty awesome weddings, including Laura & Darren’s wedding! A beautiful couple that I had the pleasure in designing their wedding stationery check it out here.

And you can probably tell I am a bit star stuck already! I also met Charley from London Bride! She is a total awesome chick too! A wedding planner, stylist and blogger! How cool is that! I am totally inspired by these beautiful women!

This lead onto meeting Ellie Gillard the photographer behind Laura and Darren’s wedding, who was also exhibiting! Still star stuck by these lovelies, I also got to meet Kat from Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride, she also writes about weddings and was exhibiting with the lovely Sophie and Gareth, creative team behind Crown and Glory who do all sorts of wonderful head wear! Check out my fav here!

I have to admit, at this point I actually got a bit embarrassed at how star struck I was from all these amazing talents! I totally get we’re all the same people, but to be in the presents of these lovely woman who own their own successful businesses gave me a bit of a positive energy boost, and looking at the future of my own little studio!

Now enough of that talk and lets get onto the fair! Of course I had forgotten my camera but thank goodness for the cameras on our phones – check these out!

Day One at A Most Curious Wedding Fair and we were nervous but super excited!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-5

Karolina was one of my neighbours and she had the most magical artistic captures! She captures the light so beautifully! Check her out here

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-9

My other neighbour was One Flew Over run by Jess and Charlie – They were creating some beautiful button holes on the day and had a great stand!
They caught our hearts with their ladder filled with flowers! It reminded us of our own wedding a few years ago! So beautiful!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-7A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-21

A bit further down the aisle was Lisa Jane Photography. She takes the most amazing photos capturing these most intimate moments so magically.

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-8

Then we have Alfie The Black Cab Photo Booth! Totally different way of having a photo booth at your wedding! Love it!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-19

Sophie & Gareth of  Crown and Glory. Check out their sparkle head pieces!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-10

Beautiful head pieces made by Myriam of La Dame au Béret.

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-15A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-16

Wonderful Fondant Fox!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-18

Ellie of  Ellie Gillard photography. She’s so down to earth and a true talent!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-20

and Marianne of Sweet Pea Flowers check out her blooms!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Copyright CuriousMe Design-6

Best thing about a fair is the people I meet, great couples and great talents!
Hope to see you all next year
Pinar ♥

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Thank you for your kind words – it was lovely to meet you too! And your stationary is gorgeous!

Ellie Gillard
January 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

Thanks Ellie! Will have to catch up soon! x

January 13, 2015 at 4:41 pm

what did you use to make the wood board in the display u made?

Halima Banuso
April 16, 2017 at 3:23 am

Hi Halima, I went down to my local DIY store (B&Q) and purchased some thin wood from there. I made the frame and attached the wood to make my display.

April 18, 2017 at 5:05 pm

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