Bear & Deer in the Woods – Richmond Park

30th ∙ September ∙ 2012

We are just going through the photos from yesterday’s shoot and to our surprise we had a visitor in one of the shots!
So I just had to share this with you.

We went to Richmond Park and it is amazing there, you almost lose the feeling of the hustle and bustle of London and become alone in the forest.  So we found some trees whilst photographing Bear In The Woods, we had squirrels running around us, up and across trees and throwing nuts and the spiky nut shells at us! It was really funny! Then an amazing deer came up behind us nibbling on the nuts and shells.

See how amazing the deer moves behind us, it was just amazing. Later on we heard a herd of stag (male deers) calling, they were truly amazing!

Instagram photo

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♥ Pinar
From the Forest

Over the Easter weekend I was busy! Busy with a photo shoot for my first hand drawn illustrations a part of ‘The Woodland Series’ .
So excited for the photo shoot, we also had an idea of making a video and so here it is. Check it out!

Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Miles Stowey

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♥ Pinar
From the Forest

Hi Everyone,

It has been been quite a long time since I have wrote a post, but there has been so many adventures and changes that has happened or about to happen this year!

After falling straight into the freelance world I found I had so many ideas that I couldn’t hold them in any longer and so I have opened an Etsy store where all my creations will be for sale!

So here it is my new store ~ now open! Featuring my hand drawn illustrations, part of The Woodlands series

Here is a preview of one of my illustrations:

Come and check it out!
♥ Pinar
From the Forest

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