I am so excited and truly thankful to Brides Magazine and You & Your Wedding magazine for featuring CuriousMe Design in their 2014 Jan / Feb Issue!

Check out Brides Magazines feature of my custom designed folded invitation! Oh I am so pleased for our first feature amongst other amazing stationers!

Pinar ♥

promo brides magazine 2014 Jan feb issue

Hello me lovelies!
Oh yes it is December! I for one cannot believe that we are here already! And what best way to start off the month than to create a Christmas wreath! I absolutely love wreaths, they are a whole circle of Christmas cheer and joy and they smell of Christmas too! This year I wanted to show you guys how to make your very own wreath! So let’s get to it!

DIY session 5 How to make a wreath with CuriousMe Design by Pinar

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We have been on a custom watercolour piece and excited to show what this piece is!
First day of painting went well!

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♥ Pinar
From the Forest

2013 is going to be an exciting year!
Apart from my ongoing freelance design work and illustrations, I’m involved in a few exciting projects from launching a product to mentoring.

The Living Furniture Project founded by Alastair Sloan is an important one for 2013 and I’m so excited to be involved!
The Living Furniture Project based in London and undertaking an amazing challenge! Taking unwanted furniture and renovate it in a unique style and employing homeless people to create these piece.

There is a large number of homeless people on the streets and most are found in these difficult situations for reasons you wouldn’t even think of. But The Living Furniture project is about giving people a chance and getting their lives back on track, having focus and doing something rewarding. For the first set of furniture The Living Furniture Project is partnering up with Rupert Blanchard, an experienced furniture maker who will be curator for this first collection!

All the furniture will then be exhibited and available to purchase! The profit will then go on to help create the next set of furniture and help continue to fund The Living Furniture project to help homeless people get back on track.

As a volunteer mentor I will be working closely with the first apprentices, guiding, teaching them valuable workshop skills and helping them create the first collection together as a team.

For me this is going to be one of the most emotional projects I have been involved in, but I am super excited, ready to get started and hope to continue the future of change with this amazing and challenging project.

But we now need your help!
With 64 days remaining, we need your support to help fund The Living Furniture Project. The goal is to raise £3000
your donations will help fund for the launched collection, workshop, tool, materials, but most importantly help pay our apprentices £8.55 per hour, receive an employer reference, classroom and on-the-job training.

So lets makes a change for 2013 click here to help fund The Living Furniture Project and for more information.

Follow @TheLFP for Tweeter updates on the project
Or visit The Living Furniture Website

♥ Pinar


I have been thinking about the packaging since the first launch of my illustrations, and finally I have managed to get all packaging sorted and even produce some stickers which have gotten a great response!

So here it is:

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 ♥ Pinar
From the Forest

Welcome to Curiousme

28th ∙ October ∙ 2009

Hello Curiousme readers ~ My name is Pinar Djemil and I am a silent designer working in London. Well until now! … I have wondered for years what it might be like to have a website where I write my thoughts and show interesting things, but I have always been dubious about what to write on theWorld Wide Web and who is watching. Until a few months ago after writing on Twitter, I realised why be so silent! So finally I have taken a jump and decided to make this website and dedicate it to my journies as a Freelance Designer working and living in London.

So hope you enjoy this first of many news pieces.

To begin: Part of a series
Polaroid Photography ~ Surround / Colour Me

Polaroid surround / colour me Pinar Djemil

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