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I have been busy bee-ing away with couples from the other side of the world and creating their custom wedding stationery pieces! And boy, oh boy, I am excited to share these pieces with you! But enough of that and onto DIY Sessions #4 – How to create a Wedding Favour & Place Name on a Budget.

All you need is:
Toy animals
Paint / baby safe paint
and newspaper

/// Lets Get Started ///
1. Lay your newspaper on a flat surface
2. Choose your victim (toy animal) and Paint!
3. Leave to dry for a day
4. write your guest names & table numbers on a tag and tie together creating your favour and place name.

and Voilà!

Lay them out on a table and have your guests greeted with these fabulous hand painted animals! It’s a fun way for your family and friends to search for their names and receive a surprise gift favour!

Here are ones I made! You can also see what I created at my own wedding last year!

toy favours & place names session 4

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Oh it’s been a long time since I have done a DIY session and boy oh boy have I been itching to post ideas for you all.

Todays DIY session #3 – is for a wedding any time of the year. There are so many different place name cards out there, but what about having something a bit different. Why not pick up some beautiful fallen leaves of the season for your place names. A perfect way to greet your family & friends for a wedding in the woods, on a mountain or a big open field.

 Pinar ♥

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We are truly excited to introduce DIY Sessions!

DIY Sessions is about adding those little personal touches to your wedding day at a low expense. I got married on the only sunny day of the summer in 2012 and went full on DIY! There were a few stages I wasn’t sure it would work, but it turned out to be so personal, memorable and one of the best days with all our friends and family! I documented our wedding in small snippets, thinking one day I will share this! So this is for all you lovely brides and grooms to-be and anyone who likes a bit of DIY-ing; the start of many DIY tutorials on how to add the little touches to your wedding day and special occasions without the expense! 

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Pinar ♥

DIY Sessions #1 Glitter Your Feathers

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