Oh yes this month is an eventful!
Next week we are exhibiting at The Most Curious Wedding Fair and boy oh boy are we excited!

We have only been running a couple of months now but we thought we would enter the BridalNext competition, an initiative set up by The Most Curious Wedding Fair. BridalNext supports and promotes fresh creative and innovators in the bridal industry! and we have been chosen! eeek! I can’t help but squeal a little and people who know me would know I never squeal on just any occasion! We cannot believe it and are so excited!

The Most Curious Wedding Fair and BridalNext is one of the most unique fairs around for brides and grooms to be! With so many different and talented exhibitors there I feel so privileged to be involved!

Come down and check it out!
We cannot wait to meet everyone and see all you lovely couples who come through those doors!

most curious 88x125 London meet us at

Held at The Truman Brewery, Bay Gallery, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
April 19th – 21st 2013
April 19th is an evening for press
April 20th the show is open to all you lovely couples and wedding intusiasts at 10.30am – 5pm
April 21st it will be open from 10.30am – 4.30pm

£3 for advanced tickets
£4 on the door

♥ Pinar

The snow came down a weekend in January 2013 and we were so excited when it did come to visit us! and just in time for a family birthday and some weekend fun and family time!

We Walked across Clapham Common park and took the tube to Waterloo and walked all the way to Farringdon! The following day we adventured to Vauxhall and spent the rest of the day throwing snow balls and having a hot chocolate!

One of the best weekends of fun and family time!

 ♥ Pinar
From the Forest


Midnight cut out

9th ∙ December ∙ 2011

Today was a great day of inspiration. Walking around london and getting that feeling of a new project lingering.

Central London is a total buzz at the moment, especially during this christmas month, the Thursday late night shoppers are about. Chilly winds and mittens are out, but cheerful faces are still about.

One of the last stores I went to was Magma, which is one of my most favorite book stores! Filled with so much talent I think I could live there and hope to create something just as amazing!

I been getting more and more into paper cutting. And found a great books on pieces that had been created. A quick ‘cha ching’ on the till and the book was mine!

The book is called Paper Cutting, I definitely recommend it!

On the way to meet my fiance for some food, I passed Jamie Oliver’s Recipease store and could resist getting a chocolate, rum and raisin Yo-Ho-Ho its almost like a log of christmas cake! I can’t wait to taste it!

A glass of wine with christmas spirit and a great meal later, I feel awake and ready to design.

So I’ll leave you with the words ‘the night is young’.

Polaroid Transfers

21st ∙ September ∙ 2010

On an other adventure with my Polaroid camera and testing out some expired film.

I always have loved the feeling I get when using my Polaroid camera; the waiting of a developing picture, there is definitely something magically and mysterious still hidden behind this amazing film.

Featured Polaroid transfers by Pinar Djemil
Polaroid Photography gallery found here and here

Hello curiousme readers,

It has been busy busy busy on this side of London. Working as a Freelance Designer in London really has opened my eyes to so many different industries and the insider knowledge.

For quite a few years now I have had the pleasure working with Artist and sculpture visionary Nick Turvey. Recently the creation of two pieces had come about and installation day had never gone so well. With drawing, creating, modelling, trucking and a few tweaks the pieces are sitting together and complementing each other like they are two peas in a pod.

They are held at the Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenade 2010 and on display until 25th October 2010. So if you’re ever in Cambridge and want a sight for your eyes they are all there standing tall on the front grounds.


More images to be featured on on my website soon.

Featured photograph of Sculptures Venus and Chief: by Pinar Djemil
Sculpture visions produced by: Nick Turvey
Featured leaflet image from: The Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenade 2010

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