Inspiration Sunday ~ Forever in Love

28th ∙ October ∙ 2012

Today has been an organising day. It’s been mainly sorting out some new hand drawn illustrations to go into my store, but I sure have been getting inspiration from some amazing voices. I am a massive fan of Ben Howard, the whole team is inspiring, the way they sing and put music together. It’s that acoustic  raw voice, empty space filling, amazing souls and spirits that I love and I find inspiring. Here is one of their proformas from their Paris show back in 2010.

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♥ Pinar
From the Forest

Beyoncé is one of them artist that will be remembered for her passion, greatness and being herself. She isn’t 30 yet and she has reached that place.

This is a woman I truly look up to for her passion, positive energy and reaching places beyond dreams. Her heart and songs will live long and be remembered and inspire.

The journeys not over. There’s more to come and I sure will be watching!

power ladies!

This is Beyoncé performing at the Billboard Awards.


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