As it’s national wallpaper week I thought I would create a downloadable desktop wallpaper! Ok so it’s not wallpaper to put on your lovely walls, but it’s going on a wall you probably see at least a few times during the week. I know I see mine everyday for my morning sessions of emailing and wanted to add a feel good vibe when my screen awakes! To be honest life has been challenging for this past year, and I was looking through Pinterest and came across this awesome quote! So here it is! The first downloadable desktop wallpaper – ‘Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic’ Quote writer unknown.

Download here
Pinar ♥


Hearing a lot of people talking about situations that has happened in the past and how it’s affected their path today, really reminded of situations that I have been in. Regret is not something I like to carry around. It eats inside you, no one else can see it or feel it and it’s not nice, and when you see it affecting someone, I just want to get the positives flowing of the present and the future. There is only up.

So to everyone that has regretted something that has happened or regretted something that has affected where you are today, you got to ‘stop living in regret, it’s not over yet!’ live long, live strong and live forward ~ Enjoy the ride.

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♥ Pinar
From the Forest

The last month has been a busy busy one, but I just had time to add two additions to The Woodland Series illustrations, and here they are:

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 ♥ Pinar
From the Forest

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