Happy New Year Y’all

6th ∙ January ∙ 2015

This is a little soppy post from me to all you lovelies out there!
Looking back on the year I feel totally blessed! Not just for my wonderful family and friends, but I’ve met super awesome couples and worked with some pretty cool peeps and I just wanted to say a huge big thank you for all the love, support and new friendships! I adore each and every one of you! You’ve all made 2014 a pretty epic year, and it’s totally amazing having you all on this adventure with me! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

It totally blows my mind thinking about where my illustration pieces have travelled to! Landing on the doorsteps of couples all over the world from California, New York, Hawaii, France Ireland, Scotland to all over England. It’s amazing where those little carefully packed boxes of illustrations have gone to, and just how much joy each little unwrapping and opening of an invitation brings!

I’m super excited about 2015! So many amazing projects I can’t wait to get illustrating, and a few surprises that I’ll be revealing soon to you guys!

Stay happy, be healthy and be great, because you are all totally awesome!

Happy New Year Y’all!
Pinar ♥

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