We are getting ready here in the CuriousMe studio for Halloween!
Last year we stuff our faces with Haribo yummies and this year I wanted to do something a bit different and create a feast of Halloween mini cakes! and so I thought it’s a great idea to do a whole blog post dedicated to CAKE! and boy oh boy if you know me, I am a big foodie! and I love cake and love mixing recipes!

Using the help of  the amazing recipes from Nigella Lawson and Humming Bird Bakery this is what happened in the kitchen!

Chocolate mini and orange mini cakes with chocolate and raspberry jam filling with chocolate icing!

Lets start with the Orange mini cake
You will need your trusty mixer, scales and a few mini cake pans (I love these silicon mini cake pans), a mixing bowl, a spoon, wire rack and bread knife.
I used the Humming Bird Bakery Lemonade Cupcake recipe from this amazing book and changed a few bits to make it Orange; here’s what you need;
80g Unsalted Butter
280g Caster Sugar
240g Plain Flour
1 tbsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp large Grated Orange Zest (instead of finely grated lemon zest)
1 tbsp Golden Syrup (instead of lemonade syrup)
240ml Whole Milk
2 Large eggs
I also added the Juice of two oranges

CuriousMe Design Halloween Cakes by Pinar-37

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Hi Curious-ies,

Todays’ post is slightly different from my usually.What am I talking about you may think? Well the subject is Food! Yes!
Food is our fuel but also something we can indulge on or have a mid-night snack with!

Today I really felt like something sweet, healthy, but nothing that would fill me up too much – It’s 5.50pm here and almost dinner time, so I just needed something to energies me until then. But it did get me thinking about that section of time your hanging around at a wedding. That time between the ceremony and the reception. The drinks are flowing, the ceremony was amazing, but I always seem to get that feeling of ‘I’ve had a little too much to drink!’.

When it comes to your family and friends at your wedding, it’s important to remember that they may be waiting around for an hour or so whilst your reception venue is being set up and your having your pictures taken. This is a great time to have some nibbles served with drinks. Canapés are just one great example of the kind of in-between snack you could have served, but this does cause a bit of a crowd run and sometimes feels like London rush hour on a Monday morning – with an allotted time to get on, or in this case grab some canapés. Instead of having small canapés on a board why not have a packet or small serving plate for each of your guest to hold onto during the wait. This way there isn’t a rush to the canapés and you’ll save some of your guests getting a little too tipsy before the wedding reception.

Here is just an example of what you could have in a packet or small serving plate;
70% Dark Chocolate – roughly broken up,
Basil Nuts,
Pecan Nuts,
& Walnuts

curiousme healthy eating

This is perfect for my little guest packet, filled with a bit of sweet and savoury.

Pinar ♥

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Making Macaroons

20th ∙ April ∙ 2012


One of the best books I have read in a while! From the first page describing the development of macarons from the 16 century.

Amazing baking and prep techniques and recipes to tickle those taste buds.

Next is choosing a recipe and making it! I know what I’m doing on the weekend! Mass macaron-ing!

Thank you José Maréchal for writing this amazing book ‘Secrets of Macarons’

Winter food for the soul

22nd ∙ December ∙ 2011

Last night a fest was made! My winter speciality of Salmon, Prawns mixed with sweet chilly garlic freshly made, with winter baby red and white garlic and parsley potatoes.

About two years ago I found a different Passion for cooking. I have always loved cooking but it was a certain event which triggered it off. And so here I present one of the first dishes I laid on the the table for winter.

Christmas cake is next to come.

What dishes do you think of or make when you think of winter?

Yum yum








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