Hello me lovelies!
Oh yes it is December! I for one cannot believe that we are here already! And what best way to start off the month than to create a Christmas wreath! I absolutely love wreaths, they are a whole circle of Christmas cheer and joy and they smell of Christmas too! This year I wanted to show you guys how to make your very own wreath! So let’s get to it!

DIY session 5 How to make a wreath with CuriousMe Design by Pinar

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HI Guys,

I have been busy bee-ing away with couples from the other side of the world and creating their custom wedding stationery pieces! And boy, oh boy, I am excited to share these pieces with you! But enough of that and onto DIY Sessions #4 – How to create a Wedding Favour & Place Name on a Budget.

All you need is:
Toy animals
Paint / baby safe paint
and newspaper

/// Lets Get Started ///
1. Lay your newspaper on a flat surface
2. Choose your victim (toy animal) and Paint!
3. Leave to dry for a day
4. write your guest names & table numbers on a tag and tie together creating your favour and place name.

and Voilà!

Lay them out on a table and have your guests greeted with these fabulous hand painted animals! It’s a fun way for your family and friends to search for their names and receive a surprise gift favour!

Here are ones I made! You can also see what I created at my own wedding last year!

toy favours & place names session 4

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Oh it’s been a long time since I have done a DIY session and boy oh boy have I been itching to post ideas for you all.

Todays DIY session #3 – is for a wedding any time of the year. There are so many different place name cards out there, but what about having something a bit different. Why not pick up some beautiful fallen leaves of the season for your place names. A perfect way to greet your family & friends for a wedding in the woods, on a mountain or a big open field.

 Pinar ♥

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If you liked this DIY Session, have  a look at our DIY Session #1 – How To Glitter Your Feather


DIY Session #2 – How To Make Confetti Cones Using Doilies

Gather your feathers together and make them sparkle! Yes this is our first DIY Session. I have a few favourite colours, but Gold, oh yes gold has got to be at the centre of my eye right now and birds! I love birds! So why not combine the two. Here is a little idea that could be used with name tags, sent with your invites, something you could hang on the back of your chair or drape across the venue from wall to wall! So lets get started!



session 1 what you need

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We are truly excited to introduce DIY Sessions!

DIY Sessions is about adding those little personal touches to your wedding day at a low expense. I got married on the only sunny day of the summer in 2012 and went full on DIY! There were a few stages I wasn’t sure it would work, but it turned out to be so personal, memorable and one of the best days with all our friends and family! I documented our wedding in small snippets, thinking one day I will share this! So this is for all you lovely brides and grooms to-be and anyone who likes a bit of DIY-ing; the start of many DIY tutorials on how to add the little touches to your wedding day and special occasions without the expense! 

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Pinar ♥

DIY Sessions #1 Glitter Your Feathers

DIY Session #1

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