Hooray! 3 Year Anniversary!


It's been 3 years of crazy cool married life with this amazing and beautiful hearted person, it's been a wild journey so far, but this next year is going to be one of the biggest adventures we've both had! We're calling it the year of 'Just Going For It'! There is so many things we have wanted to do and we're in the planning process of getting through our big list of adventures!

One for sure is finishing the renovations on our house!Thanks to my amazing parents who took us in for the first year of married life, we managed to find a great little home and save all the pennies we could! It's a total project, uncovering one thing that reveals another issue that needs fixing! We've been DIY'ing it ourselves with some helping hands along the way and it's almost finish! I can't wait to be able to hug a wall without a hole in it, or take normal steps across a floor without falling through a floor board! But we know it will all be worth it! We can really feel it now!

We always joke about the amount of free time we'll actually have when the house is finish, and then we went into planning mode! All this DIY'ing has taking it out of us but we're ready for a different kind of fun and adventure! So here's to the next year of many more great journeys!Pinar ♥